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    Hello commanders!

    Tomorrow, December 7, we will update the live servers with the newest game version:
    - at 10:00 CET OGame.org Undae
    - at 13:00 CET the rest of the universes

    - Reworked Lifeform Player Bonuses page (Resources > Resource settings > Lifeform Player Bonuses) for a detailed overview.
    - Fixed the food loot button not displaying "On" and "Off" in all languages.
    - Added new icons to the lifeform player bonuses page.
    - Added an info button to the character class bonus header on the lifeform player bonuses page.
    - Added a link to the images of each lifeform to the lifeform management page on the lifeform player bonuses page.
    - Fixed the info page of lifeform researches on the lifeform management page always displaying level 1.
    - Fixed the cache not refreshing immediately when a lifeform got removed from a planet.
    - Fixed planets not unlocking correctly in some cases.
    - Fixed outlaw players not being attackable.
    - Fixed the lifeform experience display not starting…
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    Over the last year we were excited to follow players on discord and forums and watch how they discussed about their Lifeform setups. The discussion and the collected data that we regularly check did help us to improve the Lifeform update further. As many of you have already noticed we added quiet a few quality-of-life changes over the last couple of weeks for Lifeforms. With the upcoming global release for our Lifeform content update, we would like to introduce some smaller value changes to the buildings and technologies of some Lifeforms to put them a bit more in line with other options and choices.
    In the following overview we will go through the different changes and also give a small glimpse of potential upcoming changes for Lifeforms. Let’s dive straight into the changes:

    Planetary Shield
    • Building base bonus increased from 1.5% to 3%
    • Building bonus maximum increased from 80% to 90%
    • Building cost scaling reduced from 1.2 to 1.15
    While protecting your lifeforms is…

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    Knoest is er weer Bella nog maar een keer proberen
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    Geen Bella, Knoestje?
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    naar org , ik verwelkom jullie allemaal zolang het kan houd het bij nl!
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    Yep Bella ?
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    Nou niet zo he. :D Boldert?
  • Quote from Atlas: “viel alles aan, zelfs als er weinig lag ” Zo hebben jullie er anders ook één ;)
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    Hi Friday, 8th of December, we are updating OGame Mobile App with version 5.5.5 Changelog Bugfixes: - Fix Debris fields in galaxy view are not clickable Note: The new version will be available as soon as it's approved by Google/Apple.