New Beginnings!

    • News originally published on 2019.08.23.

      Hello Commanders!

      3 classes, new opportunities coming soon!
      ➡️Collector: higher resource production, faster trading ships.
      ➡️Discoverer: faster research speed, better expedition results.
      ➡️General: faster combat ships, faster recycler.

      These are some of the bonuses each class will have, but not all! Which class do you identify yourself with?

      Tell us in the comments!

      News originally published on 2019.08.28.

      New spaceships are coming soon!
      Reaper: belongs to the General class, collects some of the debris directly after the combat.
      Pathfinder: belongs to the Discoverer class, collects debris directly at the expedition area as long as there is cargo capacity available.
      Crawler: belongs to the Collector class, supports production in mines.

      News originally published on 2019.08.30.

      A new marketplace is coming to the game!
      Yes, you read right!
      Through this market, you will be able to trade resources, ships and items with resources from other players!
      Did you think the new ships were limited to your selected class? No, they are not! You will be able to get the new ships from the different classes through the marketplace offers from other players!

      We apologise for the missing information flow!

      OGame Team

    • While some communities are still discussing outdated leaks, we are already adjusting this update with a few "hand picked" community members! Here some examples:
      • Crawlers are going to have a production limit.
      • Bomber will be redesigned (Fuel 700, RF plasma / gauss: 5)
      • Death Star will not be affected by the speed boost.
      More info coming up within the next few days!

      OGame Team
    • We have some news for you!
      As the testing of the update continues, there have been some interesting adjustments!
      - The collector class will have several free marketplace slots (defined by server settings).
      - The discovered class will have its phalanx range increased(defined by server settings).
      - The general class will have an additional level of combat technology (defined by server settings).

      OGame Team
    • We have some fresh news from the update development!

      The discovered class has some advantages:
      - It has more expedition slots.
      - It allows you to collect a bigger loot from inactives (75% instead of the standard 50%).

      Get ready!
      The update is coming to the public test servers very soon!
    • Dear Players!

      Would you rather play in a server with or without merchant?
      Once the content update is ready, some of the new servers might start without premium trader in the game. For the time being, once the update goes live in the older universes the merchant will continue to be available.
      Leave us your comments in the discussion thread! We want to know how would you rather play!

      OGame Team
    • Dear Players!

      Ready for more info?
      To prevent the marketplace from being a resources storage, the marketplace will have some taxes.
      - It will consume 15% taxes of the total value from each trade. The taxes will be taken from the resources received in exchange of the offer sold.
      - The marketplace offers will be removed autimatically after 3 days if they have not been part of a trade. This action will consume 25% taxes of the offer value and will be taken when the offer is removed from the market.

      These values might change in the future for older universes. It will depend on their age and activity.,
      What percentages do you think are good for these 2 types of taxes in your servers?

      OGame Team
    • Beste spelers,

      Een sneak peak voor hoe de Crawler eruit zou komen te zien;

      !!!LET OP!!! Sinds deze afbeelding zijn al wijzigingen geweest aan de Crawler, maar het geeft een eerste beeld van de werking.

      Het team

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    • New day, new post!
      As some of you were wondering about the new ships and how they interact with other ships, today we are introducing the stats of the reaper!

      Rapidfire from:
      • Deathstar(10)
      • Ion Cannon(2)
      Rapidfire against:
      • Espionage Probe(5)
      • Solar Satellite(5)
      • Crawler(5)
      • Cruiser(7)
      • Battleship(7)
      • Bomber(4)
      • Destroyer(3)
      More info about the other ships coming soon!

      OGame Team
    • Content update on the public test server

      Dear players!

      on Monday, 14th of October we will implement the version 7.0.0 in the Public Test Servers.
      With this update, the marketplace, classes and new ships we have been talking about for the past months will be available for you to build and explore.
      If you don't own already an account in the pioneers lobby, you can create one through the following link:

      Please, keep in mind the pioneers lobby is independent to the live lobby so you will not be able to merge your accounts into the same lobby.

      The test servers available for you to play the update from Monday 14th are called Origin and Bermuda.

      The full changelog will be available on Monday for you to read.

      We hope you have a great time testing the new update and please, if you encounter any issue, report it in the new sections that will be available for you to talk about the update in the forum.
    • Dear community,

      as we continue preparing the release of the content update we decided to put the version in 1 live server this week.
      We feel confident about the update being ready for the live servers, but
      want to first set it up in a highly populated server to make sure we
      got rid of the lag issues we had in the public test server.
      For this reason, the update will come to the server Libra in
      this week. There isn't an exact release date yet, it will be announced
      within today or tomorrow.
      To avoid multi accounts and overpopulating the server with long term
      vacation modes in the future, the registration of this server has been
      closed prior to this announcement.

      Once the update goes live in the server, there will be a feedback button
      activated in this specific server. Please, use the feedback button to
      report anything problem you encounter in the server.
      Please, play as much as you can!

      Note: the classes and new ship formulas might be changed in the future, it will depend on the result of this release.
      In the marketplace, you will not be able to trade items at first, but
      only resources and ships. This will change in the future.
    • Beste spelers,

      Gisteren heeft er een update plaats gevonden op de testservers.


      • Missing inactivity indications on alliance & buddy list are back.
      • The resources counter while being on vacation mode remains on 0 now.
      • The button to finish building with the DM doesn't show now when on Vmode.
      • If you change your username you won't get logged out.
      • When the robot factori in us the queue, the upgrade will also count for the next building in queue.
      • Additional marketplace slots for the collector are visible.
      • The spacedock / graviton is only possible if energy is available.
      • The destination of the fleet shows properly when a moon is destroyed.
      • The marketplace messages show now delivered and not empty.
      • In the galaxy view, the option to spy your own moon in shown now.
      • Random fleet slots blocked are not blocked anymore.
      • The counter of resources is synced when switching pages.
      • The tutorial shows up after class selection.
      • The cargo capacity doesn't show a negative value on the page 3 of the fleet.
      • The eventbox doesn't have a random endless loading time anymore.
      • The mouseover on the moon is now on the right side.
      • The technology to increase the cargo capacity cworks now for the pathfinder.
      • In the relocation time, there is a warning now when you start building something.
      • The activity star doesn't show for all planet when accessing the empire view.
      • The deut consumption is calculated properly now for recyclers in the general class.
      • The moon icon on the fleet page is not active when going to position 16.
      • The display issue on the last slot of the fleet movement page is gone.
      • You can now use the tab to change between resources on the page 3 of the fleet.
      • The attack icon is back in the mobile view.
      • The additional entry in eventbox when opening acs is not shown anymore.
      • Some fleets were in the phalanx view.
      • Empty debris field are notgone while there is a fleet is on the way.
      • Looting from banditis now 100% again.
      • New alliance messages are visible now.
      • The display of building queue in the empire view is fixed.
      • The merchant is not accessible anymore if it is deactivated in the server.
      • The attack icon next to the event box is permanently visible now.
      • The expedition combat report doesn't randomly vanish anymote.
      • Decimal numbers don't shown on the marketplace.
      • The available energy is shown properly now.
      • The merchant is not shown on rewards page while being deactivated.
      • The loot is properly calculated now.

      • Adde the hyperspace tech to the API in the fleet page.
      • The crawler is now shown on the resource page.
      • The marketplace has pages.
      • You can sort your own offers in the marketplace.
      • The collect button is now on marketplace screen as well.
      • There is no a different tax rate for the collector class.
      • There is a new formula for the crawler production.
      • The expedition outcome of the discovered is now connected to the economy speed of the server.
      • The formula for expedition debris fields has been changed to percentages.
      • The expedition loot for the pathfinder has been increased.
      • The deut consumption reduction for the general class has been extended to all ships.
      • There are additional fleet slots for the general class.
      • The wreck field for the attacker in the general class is higher.
      • There is a minimum amountnow in the marketplace.
      • There is a statistics page for marketplace.
      • The players in vacation mode are blocked from adding / buying stuff in the marketplace.
      • The marketplace show only available units while adding an offer to it.
      • The marketplace icon is linked to your own offers now.
      • The marketplace and fleet slots options are split now (the marketplace slots = level of computer technology + collector MP slots).
      Met vriendelijke groet,

      Jullie Ogameteam

    • Vandaag is de update versie 7.1.0-rc3 live gegaan op Kallisto.

      Tevens nog wat informatie welke regelmatig gevraagd word in diverse community's over de update:

      - There are reports of people believing their resources are resources resetting when they refresh the page. This is not the case.
      If you don't have enough energy/ no Deuterium but only fusion reactors, your counters are shown to wrongly count up. Refreshing the page fixes this, so the amount you have after a refresh is the correct one. To avoid this, leave some Deuterium behind and ensure that your energy production can handle everything.

      - The Marketplace takes out all offers, searches etc automatically after 3 days if they aren't taken. The fee will be deducted as if it was manually cancelled.

      - There is a limit to how many offers/searches you can open. Your free slots are visible under 'Fleet'. You get additional slots with the Collector class or by increasing your computer technology level.

      - Your marketplace messages stay for 7 days. After that, your trades are automatically delivered.

      - The amount of Crawlers shown in your resource setting is the working amount, not the total amount.
      Your working amount of Crawlers is capped by your total mine levels. Only working Crawlers consume energy and produce.

      - All Class boni on speed etc are on the base values of the ships.

      - You can only have one class! Deactivating or changing it causes the old one to be permanently lost! You will lose the boni associated to your previous class when you switch it.

    • Beste spelers,

      Let even op het volgende:

      Een handel via de marktplaats word afgerond via de marktplaats, het is niet toegestaan de handel aan te vullen met normale transporten. De transporten worden dan apart beoordeeld door de go.

      Hopelijk zijn jullie hiermee voldoende geïnformeerd,

      Met vriendelijke groet ,

      Jullie Ogameteam

    • Clarification of the crawlers:
      As some of you have been reporting issues with the crawlers production, here you have specific information.
      To know how many crawlers work in your planet with an example in numbers this is the calculation:

      Metal 30 + Crystal 30 + Deuterium 30 = 90*8= 720.
      720 crawlers will work in your planet.

      720*0.0002= the production increase in your planet. (the production in your planet *1.5 for the collector).

    • Inmiddels is er weer een update geweest. Versie 7.1.0-rc11

      • Fixed a bug where the function to switch pages on the marketplace was broken.
      • Fixed a bug where the clickable range on marketplace ranges when opening a new offer did not work correctly.
      • Fixed a bug where defence appeared in wreckfields.
      • Took out the bonus of the Discoverer class on expeditions for Dark Matter.
      • Fixed a bug where you couldn't send your fleet while your energy is negative.
      • Fixed a bug where your bonus productions (items, commanding staff etc) were wrong when your energy was negative.
      • Fixed a bug where resources increased in vacation mode.
      • Fixed a bug where counter-espionage fights would always happen as long as the chance wasn't 0%.
      • Fixed a number of bugs on Internet Explorer 11.
      • Adjusted the production when energy is dependant on Fusion reactors and no Deuterium is around.
      Hopende jullie hiermee voldoende te hebben geïnformeerd,

      Met vriendelijke groet,

      jullie ogameteam