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      .org wrote:

      Dear community,
      on Monday, 14th of October we will implement the version 7.0.0 in the Public Test Servers.
      With this update, the marketplace, classes and new ships we have been talking about for the past months will be available for you to build and explore.
      If you don't own already an account in the pioneers lobby, you can create one through the following link:

      Please, keep in mind the pioneers lobby is independent to the live lobby so you will not be able to merge your accounts into the same lobby.

      The test servers available for you to play the update from Monday 14th are called Origin and Bermuda.

      The full changelog will be available on Monday for you to read.

      We hope you have a great time testing the new update and please, if you encounter any issue, report it in the new sections that will be available for you to talk about the update in the forum.

      Your OGame Team

      14 Oktober gaat het live in de testservers