Testservers - Update 9.1.0-beta2

    • Hello commanders!

      After several discovery missions our species noticed a new outcome from their findings. Several objects that gave them the power to "purchase" technologies within their very own Lifeform tech tree.
      After the Galactic council it was unanimous what to call to this strange objects: Artifacts!

      The Artifacts will be available as a randomly outcome on “Lifeforms discovery missions”, just like Lifeforms are found, and have a limit of 3600 units that once reached it will no longer be possible to have Artifacts as expedition results until some of them are used and the unit’s number hasn’t reached the limit or higher.

      HOW TO USE
      After players have found Artifacts, they can use Artifacts to purchase Lifeform Technologies in the selection screen.
      • Each Tier has different Artifact costs
      • Players can purchase any Lifeform Technology (except the 100% selection) when he has enough Artifacts available
      • After a purchase of a technology the used Artifacts are subtracted from the total amount
      • After a purchase the selection screen will close, and the purchased technology is added to the Lifeform tech slot (same logic as if you would use "random" or "select")
      • If a player resets his tech tree, he has to purchase all technologies again (a purchase is just like a onetime selection like the random choice)

      The new content will be available on PTS from today on (after the maintenance) and all the players will be able to test from the start how the Artifacts affect players Empire and tactics.

      We are looking forward to read your feedback on the community forums and Discord.

      (Mijn excuus voor de engelse versie. Niet gelukt om te vertalen op tijd :(. )