16 november - update 11.3.0

    • 16 november - update 11.3.0

      Hello commanders!

      Thursday, November 16, we will update live game rounds with the newest version:
      - at 10:00 CET OGame.org universe Undae
      - at 13:00 CET all the live universes

      - Fixed the Empire View not considering lifeform resource production bonuses for the displayed resource production values;
      - Fixed lifeform resource bonus researches not being added or removed correctly when the required amount of population was lost or gained;
      - Fixed activity not being gained on all planets and moons when leaving vacation mode;
      - Fixed an issue that caused espionage missions to get stuck in some cases;
      - Fixed the construction info page of Solar Satellites not considering lifeform energy bonuses to the displayed amount of energy production;
      - Fixed the collector class perks that were displaying outdated information;
      - It's not possible to move an account from Graveyard to an non-LF round if you are coming from an LF round;
      - Several fixes and improvements in the back end that might lead to front end issues which can be fixed with a hard reload
      (For Chrome use Ctrl+Shift+R (clearing the browser cache) - For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera GX use Ctrl+F5 - For Opera use Ctrl+Shift+Del).
      - Fixed a defender's fleet not getting hit by an attack fleet with a higher ID arriving at the same time.
      - Fixed a multialarm issue when an account was transferred to a different player's lobby.
      - Fixed construction times resetting when an account gets transferred to another game round.
      - Fixed the construction info not opening correctly for storage buildings under some conditions.
      - Fixed combat reports from deleted players containing a fatal error.

      Jullie ogame-team
    • Hello commanders!

      We will apply today the hotfix version 11.3.2 to tackle some issues that lead to some fleets getting stuck under certain conditions:
      - at 17:00 CET OGame.org Undae
      - at 17:30 CET all the other live rounds

      Please bear in mind that the time is an estimation, it might get a slight adjustment if needed.

      EDIT: An attack block will be in place until 20:00 CET.

      The OGame Team