28 november update 11.4.0

    • 28 november update 11.4.0

      Hello commanders!

      Tomorrow, November 28, we will update the live servers with the newest version:
      - at 10:00 CET OGame.org Undae
      - at 13:00 CET all the other universes

      - Fixed the column header missing for alliances on the alliance search popup;
      - Changed the design of checkboxes;
      - Merged the lifeform Overview Page into the lifeform Management Page;
      - Added info buttons for every lifeform research and building to the lifeform Management Page;
      - Removed the info for food and population from the Resource settings page;
      - Renamed the Player Bonuses page into "Lifeform Player Bonuses";
      - Added a button linking to the lifeform tech tree to the building info of each species' lifeform tech building;
      - Reduced the costs for re-rolling each section of the lifeform tech tree from T1 = 60.000 DM, T2 = 120.000 DM, T3 = 180.000 DM to T1 = 6.000 DM, T2 = 12.000 DM, T3 = 18.000 DM;
      - Added the option to disable looting food on attack missions to Fleet Dispatch II;
      - Fixed the loot priority not being selectable for moon destruction missions when the Admiral is active;
      - Several fixes and improvements in the back end that might lead to front end issues which can be fixed with a hard reload (For Chrome Ctrl+Shift+R (clearing the browser cache) . For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera GX use Ctrl+F5. For Opera Ctrl+Shift+Del.).

      The OGame Team