18 januari - Update 11.7.0

    • 18 januari - Update 11.7.0

      Hello commanders!

      Tomorrow, January 18, we will update the live servers with the newest game version:
      - at 10:00 CET OGame.org Undae
      - at 13:00 CET the rest of the universes

      - Removed country flags from the highscore.
      - Added country flags to the chat.
      - Fixed event banners not getting displayed in the selected language.
      - Fixed demolish not working when queued after a construction.
      - Added two digits to the decimals of class bonuses displayed on the lifeform player bonuses page.
      - Fixed Slingshot Autopilot providing less Deuterium the earlier a fleet was called back instead of more.
      - Changed the Deuterium from Slingshot Autopilot to no longer being immediately added when calling back a fleet. It will be added to the planet once the fleet arrives back now.
      - Fixed an error showing up when opening a shared report of a deleted player.
      - Fixed several system messages not being correctly translated if the player's selected language differs from the universe's original language.
      - Changed the support link to always redirect to the support page of the universe's language instead of the player's selected language.
      - Fixed ship names being displayed in different languages in messages containing them
      - Fixed the support and forum links redirecting to EN instead of Origin on the Alpha PTS.
      - Changed all inactive accounts without vacation mode to get transferred to group targets during server merges.
      - Fixed code showing up in the description of the Supra Refractor on the lifeform management page.
      - Fixed the "Construction possible" time always being displayed as "unknown" (Commander feature).
      - Fixed the action buttons shifting around after ignoring another player.
      - Fixed the amount of needed energy not being displayed for lifeform buildings.
      - Fixed the lifeform icons not looking correct in lifeform discovery messages.
      - Fixed being unable to send fleets to destroyed planets.
      - Fixed being unable to transfer back to the universe you came from right away after ending up on the graveyard.
      - Several fixes and improvements in the back end that might lead to front end issues which can be fixed with a hard reload (For Chrome Ctrl+Shift+R (clearing the browser cache) . For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera GX use Ctrl+F5. For Opera Ctrl+Shift+Del.).

      The OGame Team