8 februari - update 11.8.0

    • 8 februari - update 11.8.0

      Hello commanders!

      Tomorrow, February 8, we will update the live servers with the newest game version:
      - at 10:00 CET OGame.org Undae
      - at 13:00 CET the rest of the universes

      - Fixed fleets not being visible on their return flight from targets protected by the bashing protection after counter espionage and destroy missions.
      - Changed the behavior of the bashing protection. (not enable on live)
      - Simplified the rules for returning players on the graveyard.
      - Fixed being able to access the general and display options while being in vacation mode on accounts that are not validated.
      - Fixed the text on the techinfo page of lifeform population buildings having the addition "(Percent)".
      - Fixed several unavailable ship types being displayed on the Jump Gate page
      - Fixed alliance request messages being limited to 2.000 characters.
      - Fixed the wrong hint being displayed when entering a name that is too long on a name change.
      - Fixed application texts not showing up when applying for an alliance.
      - Several fixes and improvements in the back end that might lead to front end issues which can be fixed with a hard reload (For Chrome Ctrl+Shift+R (clearing the browser cache) . For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera GX use Ctrl+F5. For Opera Ctrl+Shift+Del.).

      Graveyard returning rules

      The Graveyard rules have been simplified. From now on the account will be only able to return to the previous universe where it was.
      If an account goes to the Graveyard from EN 1, it will be only possible to move back to EN 1.
      - The previous live round still exists: the account will see it as a target to move out of the Graveyard;
      - The previous live round is part of a running Global Merge: the account will have the targets of its universe on the running Global Merge;
      - The previous live round is part of a finished Global Merge: the account will have the targets of it's universe on the Global Merge;
      - The previous live round has been part of a old Global Merge: the player will need to contact the support team of the community where the account was (for example: if the account was on PL 68 before the Graveyard, OGame.pl Game-Team needs to be contacted).

      The inactivity script will be enable with the update.

      The OGame Team