15 februari-update 11.9.0

    • 15 februari-update 11.9.0

      Hello commanders en keizertjes!

      Tomorrow, February 15, we will update the live servers with the newest game version:
      - at 10:00 CET OGame.org Undae
      - at 13:00 CET the rest of the universes

      - Fixed a bug that resulted in a failed relocation due to an abandoned/destroyed moon
      - Fixed a bug that caused Lifeform Research bonuses to remain active after Lifeform reactivation even though the population is insufficient

      With this update the Bashing System will be active on the live servers.

      Bashing Protection
      • Attacks/Combat
        Attacks count towards the bashing counter if the attacker won the combat or if is a draw.
        - If the defender wins the combat the bashing counter will not be increased.
      • Espionage mission
        Any espionage mission with only espionage probes will not count towards the bashing protection counter.
      • Counter espionage
        When counter espionage happens, combat will be initiated. The "Attacks/Combat" rule will trigger.
        - This rule also covers sending ships with your espionage probe on an espionage mission.
      • Espionage probes (with storage)
        Espionage probes with storage fall under the "Attack/Combat" or "Espionage mission" rule:
        - If a player attacks another player using espionage probes and he wins the combat, the bashing counter goes up;
        - If a player attacks another player using espionage probes and he loses the combat, the bashing counter will not go up;
        - If a player sends espionage probes with storage on espionage missions, the counter will not go up.

      Important to note:
      • Players who reached the bashing limit for a planet/moon can't join any ACS who attacks this planet/moon.
        - This is to prevent that ACS will fail because a member reached the limit of the bashing protection
      • If the player has reached the full bashing protection counter, he won't be able to send espionage missions with other ships anymore towards the target where he reached the full counter. Normal espionage missions with only espionage probes is still possible.

      The OGame Team

      Vertaling volgt nog!