22 februari update 11.10.0

    • 22 februari update 11.10.0

      Hello commanders!

      Tomorrow, February 22, we will update the live servers with the newest game version:
      - at 10:00 CET all OGame.org universes
      - at 13:00 CET the rest of the communities

      - Added the following rule to the bashing system:
      • Fleets with only espionage probes (regardless of mission):
      • In servers without probe storage: Never counts towards bash count.
      • In servers with probe storage: Attacker wins count towards the bash count and draws/lose do not count towards bash count.
      - Fixed the expedition mission type being available when the debris field is selected on slot 16.
      - Fixed line breaks being made when sending a message with the Enter key while having the cursor in the middle of the text.
      - Removed a redundant requirement from the Pathfinder's tech tree.
      - Fixed "23" showing up at the end of the auctioneer's rules.
      - Fixed the displayed number for available exchanges of a bought item on the Import/Export page on the mobile app being 1 higher than the actual amount.
      - Several fixes and improvements in the back end that might lead to front end issues which can be fixed with a hard reload (For Chrome Ctrl+Shift+R (clearing the browser cache) . For Firefox, Internet Explorer and Opera GX use Ctrl+F5. For Opera Ctrl+Shift+Del.).

      With this update the Bashing System will be active on the live servers.

      The OGame Team